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This is an active RPG guild in which the captain or crew (or you if you're interested!) offers a general story that is built around the current characters actively involved. The story changes as your involvement advances. We can't wait to see what you'll do next!

The Current Banner: Our current guild banner will always reflect an active storyline. The new banner is under construction, but here's what's going on in the guild!

Current Storyline - The world is suddenly obsessed with technology. Lex Luthor has essentially bought out Gotham City and Metropolis. In Gotham, he uses the inmates at the money sucking Arhkahm Asylum and Blackgate as test subjects for future tech. In Metropolis, a city that has always been roughly on the edge of technology, he has pushed it even further until surveillence covers the entire city and privacy is non-existent. While in New York, S.H.I.E.L.D. presses Iron Man to share his tech with the government in exchange for Avengers funding. In doing a bit of digging, Pepper Potts discovers that S.H.I.E.L.D. is encouraging the development of higher and higher tech to combat invading magic using beings who seek to make magic dominant on earth once more. Both S.W.O.R.D. and the Justice League have determined that magical artifacts are raining down from a location in space and seek to understand where (and why).

Everyone seems to suddenly have access to advanced aspects of one of the other, which is a problem when no one truly understand what they're using.

The DC & Marvel Universe RP guild is the first and best place on Gaia where your favorite comic book characters work together, play together, and fight together! You design the storylines! You create threads (Ultimate, Evolution, Infinite, Amalgam, medieval mutants, pre or post New 52, anything you can imagine)! We also have a subforums to meet all your RPing needs.

This guild is based on the DC and Marvel comics. These include all the DC off shoot comics like Image, Vertigo, and Wildstorm. Ultimates, Amalgams, alternate versions, deceased characters, and made ups/original characters welcome. To take part as a Dark Horse, Aspen, etc. character, please follow the same guidelines. Don't worry, you don't need to know about both DC & Marvel to join. The only character you need to know about is your own. The people in this guild thoroughly love their characters. If you join, I can guarantee that you will find a deeper appreciation for your character(s).

After 1200 pages and a move to the GGN, the [X-MEN] guild became the [MARVEL UNIVERSE] Guild, then later changed over to the DC/Marvel Universe Guild! Welcome to the revamped guild! We've been at it for almost TEN YEARS!

What does that mean for you? Many people are nervous about the history behind the guild, that they're diving in too late. That's not true at all. We (the long time members) frequently reboot and retool our threads to meet the needs of current members. As of this update (12/15/13) we are rebooting all main threads for the new storyline that your character will help build!

* When you apply, please include a reason. If you plan on role playing, please state who you would like to play (you will be contacted once accepted by JauntyGhost or one of the crew to help set up your profile).

This list is WIDE open! You're welcome to decide later who you'd like to play, especially after perusing the profiles in play.

Again, this is not a list of characters you may play but rather a list of claimed characters. YOU CAN PLAY ANYONE YOU WANT FROM ANY COMIC IN ANY WORLD!!!!! This list is simply to give you an idea of who is currently in play and who you will have the opportunity to interact with.

Spider-Man (Earth-82004/Mainstream)
Ghost Rider (Earth-616/Mainstream)
Loki (Earth-MMU/Mainstream)
Jubilee (Earth-616/Mainstream)
Isis (OC and DC/Mainstream)
Harley Quinn (New Earth/Mainstream)
Kiani (Aspen Comics/Exiles)
Iron Man (Earth-316/Mainstream)
Blitz (OC/Mainstream)
Batman (New Earth/Mainstream)
Dispatch (OC/Mainstream)
Shego (Kim Possible/Mainstream)
Morte Stella (OC/Mainstream)

If you would like to donate to the guild, please send it to TDMUG, the guild mule. All items/gold sent to the account will be used for contests. Believe me, we don't need more subforums.