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Hello and Welcome to the Darkest Guild of them all The Darkness Guild! As you may already know this Guild IS NOT a Gothic/Emo Guild. This Guild is just a Hangout for you and your friends! Tell your friends to Join this guild. The Bigger this guild is the More prizes, Events, & Fun you can have! But most of all You Can Show how Dark you really are.

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If you want to join please fill this out!(In the reason to join!)

•Why you want to join
•Where did you hear about this guild
•Are you Dark or Light
•Do you like cookies
•Comments(Anything you want to put)

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

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Coming Soon to the Guild!

•New Banners

If you have a idea please PM Dark Light 777 and if he likes it he will put it up here! So, Hurry start thinking! xD

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The Darkness Guild's Sponsers aka Affiliates has been moved to a Sticky Thread in TDG Forums Here. If You have a Thread/Guild and you would like to Be a Sponser please send Dark Light 777 a PM.

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Please DO NOT Donate to the Guild Below! If you would like to Donate to the guild please Donate to The Darkness Guild Mule Remember Dont Donate Below.

Remember If you Donate to the The Darkness Guild here the gold goes straight to TDG Acccount. Its Impossible to get it out.
Donations Do Not go to the Captain here.

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