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Welcome to the sanctuary where the dark souls reside,
Where the screams of fallen angels echo in our ears...
We are thoughts and whispers, bones and dust,
But we are as real as chaos in this dying world.

Anyone with a dark side is free to join...
Anyone with an alternative style and a dark heart.

This guild is a friendly community for all those who share a passion for the alternative and dark;
Anyone who enjoys a good horror movie over a soppy chick flick, or gold old Rock and Metal over cheesy Pop music.
We are not a guild for Goths only..we don't follow stereotypes, just anyone who is interested in such things that fit into the "alternative" genre.

For those who wish to join, all we ask is that you try to remain active and follow the general Gaia TOS.
Please try to be literate, or we will deny your request. We will not accept blank request forms, so please write a short but concise entry. Simply "I'm goth" or "I like the dark" will be declines, as will stupid remarks. Plus, you must read the announcements that the guild sends out. If you dont want to waste your time reading them, then you might as well dont waste your time applying.