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Were off hiatus! Everyone! <3
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This is a D.Gray-Man Guild.
Why should you join our guild?
Our guild, has wonderful members, We are organized, we don't allow spam, we are chat speak free, we have tons of fun things and contests throughout the year!
-In order to become a member of Dark Religious Organization you must read all of the following rules, and fill out a form that you give to us when you ask to become a member.
1.No Chat Speak.-This means you cannot use this when typing in our guild "ZOMG!!11! i pwn u!11! lol!!zomg@! bbq!11"
Okay? None of that! Just no! I will not stand for it!
2. Semi-lit-This means we want you to type as best as you can.
The spelling doesnt have to be perfect but atleast try, and remember no chat speak.
3. No Fan-girlisim-boysim-This means none of this
"OMFG!Allen is soo cute!!! HES MINE BIATCHES!!"
Okay? Just no.
4. No Abusing the emotions-This means dont use thoes little Gaian emotions more then 3 times in a post.
5. No stealing.-This means don't steal any banners, icons ect. From this guild UNLESS you have the makers permition.
6. No cursing.-This means dont let ******** be your every second word. This doesnt work with me. It just doesnt.
7. Seven-Its my fave number.
8. No porn.-I shouldnt even talk about this, since we all know gaia's TOS, and if you dont go and read it.
9. PG-13-This means no overly done make out posts. You wana do that go to the pms and cyber all ya want.
10. Be nice.-I dont want b***h fights. Okay? Respect all members though your ideas maybe diffirent. And dont ever be mean to the staff.
11. No Shounen Ai or Shoujo Ai- Just no. Dont even bother.
HOWEVER Boy Love and Girl Love is allowed. Shounen/ Shoujo Ai arent the proper terms and mean "***** love"
12. Have fun.-Have fun post lots!
13. No Bumping.-I dont want to see that word!

-Please fill out this form and paste on to your registraiton.

User Name:
Fave D.Gray-Man Character:
Name one of the songs used in the D.Gray-Man anime:
Name 3 main characters:
Whats my fave number?(Read the rules and youll see it.)
Tell me why you want to join?
Will you post often?