The Dark Ages
Science Fiction Military Rp

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This is the unused, unclassified guild available to the public to view. Our actual guild has been relocated elsewhere in a more controlled environment.

1) Paris Battle Simulation

2) Pirate Skirmish

3) Damascus Empire invades MPD

4) Invasion of Nato and The Republic

5) First Battle of Andromeda; TDA vs RNM

6) Second Battle of Andromeda

7) Fort Siegfried

8.) Asiuh's Grand Party

Any many more....

If you don't have access to our new guild and if you're not approved as a legit member, don't act as if you are one. This guild here is strictly OOC (out of character).

Youtube Series

Conspiracy Theory-
Conspiracy Theory 2-
Conspiracy Theory 3-
Conspiracy Theory 4-
Conspiracy Theory 5 Finale Part 1 of 2-
Conspiracy Theory 6 Finale Part 2-

TDA HQ (4 Barton, 134997)

Hangout Town (5 Barton, 1234)

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