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Beyond the Galactic Core in the lawless Outer Rim opposite of Sol lies a bastion of mutants, Xenos and the rejected under the red tri-quad banner of the Crimson Red Empire. Rising out of the red world of Brugham, a world raped by the Earth Directorate Federation in their quest for exotic minerals and left to wither on the vine in the wake of their rebellion, the Crimson Red Empire now encompasses dozens of star systems and lays claim to thousands of cubic light years of space. Dominated by the hardy mutants of Brugham, the Empire has always shifted between the glories of war and conquest and the honor of just rule and isolationism. However, with the devastation unleashed by the recent EDF invasion in the name of vengeance for a false flag attack on earth for which the CRE was not responsible, the once-cautious Emperor Ahj Ohadi has seen it fit to return to the days and glories of the ancient Vousks. Fleets and armies once acting in defense now reorganize for war; even as the Crim-Reds lick their wounds, their thirst for blood grows stronger. The Emperor, praise be his name, has now called for a new wave of reserves to rise from their bunkers, factories and ranches to paint a blood-red path from Brugham to the borders of the Orion Arm itself. Leave the healing and rebuilding to the young and old so that none may forget. Once, the Empire was content to live peacefully behind its reinforced borders, but no longer. Be you aristocrat, spacer, soldier or scientist, the Empire can find glory through you all. Join us, for Brugham, for the Grand Emperor Vlaskon and for Emperor Ahj Ohadi!

=CRE Battlenet Link Established. May Shivar Keep You.=

Please, respect the Emperor, Emperor Ahj Ohadi, the Lord Protector, Maximilian Paradoxx, and any other high ranking official of the Crimson Red Empire. Any traitorous or conspiratorial actions or speech against the Empire is grounds for death by firing squad or other means of Public Execution.

Rules: The CRE is a Civilization RP with heavy World War I and traditional Sci-Fi influences. We especially welcome militarists, Sci-Fi and Noble role players alike.

1. Obviously no TROLLING.

2. Tier 1 UM - MP Roleplaying only T1 Guide

3. Respect your Superiors, but remember to report your Superiors if they abuse their power.

4. Your RPC must be accepted, send a profile of who your RPC is, what he/she can do, etc etc, to the Emperor or Lord Protector.

5. You must pick your type

=Rule over millions will you develop the myriad wastelands of Brugham or exploit its sacred ground for personal gain?=

=Fight and serve the Crimson Red Empire in the trenches or in the heavens. Do you charge into battle as a member of the XIII regiment, protect nobles with the power of your blade as an Honor Guard, defend the cultural heart and Lord Protector of the Empire as a Cavalier Crimson, command fighter wings as a CRE Spacer, or prove yourself worthy to lead your own specialized unit? For combat and/or military inclined individuals, this is for you.=

=Aristocratic Noble? Engineering Mastermind? Crafty Merchant? Holo-Vid Rock Star? Scientific Genius? Did we mention Aristocratic Noble? Become a Civ and add to our growing community, perfect for those who don't make RP combat their primary concern.=

Next, your Mutant Type!

-Default Brughamian
=A paleness of skin, a thickness of bone, a pinch of bloodlust, and the resiliency born of a hard existence sums up the average mutant in the CRE. With high bone density and a reinforced, plated spine Brughammers are hard to take down, and even then some troopers have been known to survive gunshot wounds to the head and keep fighting for up to five minutes.=

= On average anywhere from 8 to 9 feet in height, the Brutius' are massive slabs of muscle and tendon, incredibly strong and capable of wielding Heavy Pulse Machine Gun emplacements as if they were simply SMG's. Predominantly male, for which we are deeply grateful, Brutius make excellent bruisers due to their strength and bulk as well as excellent Heavy Weapons platforms. =

= 40% of Brugham's surface is constantly under the effects of the devastating Ionic weapons used during the first civil war. Illistrians are those who live out their lives scavenging ancient cities and battlefields for useful parts and weapons, both plentiful amongst the cosmic ray baked areas of the planet. Because of their exposure, they often are missing whole slabs of skin with muscles visible, but have immunity to disease and higher radiation doses. The also are fleet of foot, with sensitive ears and a knack for burrowing and entrenching with their claw like fingers.=

= The Brughammer equivalent to the "ginger" trait, these mysterious figures are monks of sorts overseeing a religion that see's the planet of Brugham as a diety that has shaped Brughammers into what they are today. What makes them stand out is their ability to store electro-magnetic and plasmatic energy within their own bodies, allowing them to wield and control plasma as a defense and as a weapon. They must wear specialized goggles and eye pieces, as seeing natural light can prove fatal or cause severe injuries. Scribes are deeply religious, mysterious, and deadly.

6. Once you are accepted into the guild, you are welcome to begin Roleplaying with us both in towns and in forums. Be sure you've cleared your RPC with the Emperor or Lord Protector first!