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Type Of Guild: Military
Affiliations: Yes, you can have affiliations with other guilds as long as it's not too many.

You are the wretched refuse. You may be born from dirt, but we will forge you into steel. You will learn to bend, if not, you will break. In these dark times, the Brotherhood - your Brotherhood - is all that stands between the rekindled flame of civilization and the howling, radiated wasteland.

Your weapons will become more than your tool, they will become your friends. You will use your skills to inspire the lowly and protect the weak ... whether they like it or not. Your squadmates will be more dear to you than your kin and for those who survive there will be honor, respect, and the spoils of war.

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Hello, I am the General of the Brotherhood Of Steel. The purpose of this guild is to restore order and balance back to Gaia. You may say, why do we need order and balance back in Gaia? I'll tell you why, I've seen too many greedy and untrusting Gaians on here trying to take advantage of those who are good and do good on here. We will once again rekindle the goodness of Gaia, we will restore the trust upon fellow Gaians and fellow mankind.

Rank of Command:
Paladin Lord
Paladin Commander
Junior Paladin
Knight Commander
Senior Knight
Junior Knight
Senior Squire
Senior Initiate
Civilian (This is not a BOS rank, but shows civilians rank to the Brotherhood.)
(Posting of your Rank within BOS is required unless you have special permission to do otherwise from your Paladin, for Paladins, you must have the permission from the rank above you, and must have a good cause not to show your proud rank within the Brotherhood.)
Other Ranks Within The Brotherhood
Elder-Reserved for the ranks of Paladin and up. A Paladin can retire from his position to become a Elder if he feels like he can't handle all of his duties as Paladin anymore. The Elder decides on what happens inside of BOS, voting on wars, alliances, etc.
Scribe-A advisor, counselor, someone who could be absolutely trusted. A Scribe should know more about the human psyche, knowing how to handle most situations on a personal level.
(These positions do not apply to the combat division)
(Once again, you must post your rank within the Brotherhood unless you have permission from your General to do so otherwise.)
(The Reputation is what others think of you, based on your actions. Members start with the reputation of a Warrior, and move up or down from there)
Savior Of The Wasteland
Guardian Of The Wastes
Shield Of Hope
Sword Of Despair
Scourge Of The Wastes
Demon Spawn
(posting your Reputation in your signature is optional)
Questions On Gender Within The Brotherhood
For you females wondering if your allowed to join The Brotherhood Of Steel. The Brotherhood is unbiased on race, sex, etc. Females are definitely allowed to join, they play just as an important part in the Brotherhood as the males. The name Brotherhood Of Steel isn't meant to be sexist or biased, that's just the name of the guild. Males will be called Brothers and Females will be called Sisters within the Brotherhood, I hope the name of this guild does not throw you off in any way or taking away the feeling of joining such a well established guild.

Posting Requirements:
The Posting Requirements are being able to post around every three days at least. This doesn't mean posting around every three days on just Gaia or threads within the forum, this means posting around every three days in your Division's Barracks to meet posting requirements. This ensures a member to remain active. Even a single post in three days qualifies as keeping up with the posting requirement. Failure to keep up with posting will get you a warning, after one warning, if you do not prove yourself as active, you will be removed from the guild. We do give some slack on this though due to understanding that everyone can't get on the computer not even every few days to post here in the guild or real life issues. But if you'll be gone for a few days or longer, please inform your Paladin about your leave and not being able to be on a computer for awhile. Now if you don't post for about a month, then you'll definitely be in trouble and removal being a strong chance. If you have any questions about the posting requirements, feel free to ask your Paladin and he/she will try to answer your questions the best to their ability.

How The Brotherhood Of Steel Works
The Brotherhood operates upon a strict chain of command. The lowest member of the Brotherhood is a Initiate (the ones that just joined) and the highest rank with only one slot is the General, with the Paladins voting and making most of the decisions passing the decided issue up to the General for approval or to put into action. The Paladins basically almost run the Brotherhood, their the heartbeat of BOS, their the ones that controls the decisions and looks over their assigned Division. The Paladin controls a Division, and the ranks of Knight to Junior Paladin controls the Squads once enough people has joined a specific role making a new squad. This means that the Paladin of a Division commands the leaders of that Division's Squads and the leaders of the Squads commands the members who are in their Squads. This makes a more efficient command system that opens up more positions of command and responsibility. The General commands the ranks of Paladins and above. Once a Paladin Lord is selected, that will be his second in command, letting the Paladin Lord learn everything about The Brotherhood Of Steel just in case the General has to leave The Brotherhood for some reason leaving The Brotherhood Of Steel without a leader. The Paladin Lord would then assume the command the place of General if such a event rises and will be given ownership of the guild to make The Brotherhood live on in the event of the General having to leave The Brotherhood for any reason. This ensures the survival of The Brotherhood Of Steel for years to come. Also, the highest ranking person in the guild at that time is the commanding officer in charge to handle anything that comes up. If you have any questions about how the Brotherhood Of Steel operates, please feel free to ask us in the "Announcements and FAQ" thread and we'll be happy to answer to the best of our ability.

How to Join the Brotherhood of Steel

Should you find yourself interested in Joining, Please fill out the following form and use it in your join request

1. Have you ever played any Fallout games?
If yes, Please state the ones you have played
2. How often are you online?
Just how often in one normal week
3. What do you bring to the Brotherhood?
Give me a reason to Want you in the Brotherhood
4.Why do you want to join?
5. How did you find out about the guild?
Was it from another member, a signature, the Outpost, ect
6. (optional) RP a short description of your Fallout Character (as a civilian) and a background story
-Race (Human, Vaultborne human, Deathclaw, Ghoul and mutant), age, Traits, build type, Sex etc (more suggestions to come)-

The Brotherhood Structure Explained:
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The General commands the Paladins and the Paladins commands a entire Division. It's a mixture of jobs first, say Infantry, Armor, and etc. When say 4 people in a Division selects say Infantry, then that'd be enough to make a Squad with a Knight as the leader of that Squad. Only the Knight would be under the Paladin and report to that Paladin who leads the Division. Then the members of that Squad would answer and report in to that Knight. The Squad would be referred to something like "1st Assault Infantry". The other members who have job positions, but not enough people in that field to make a Squad would be in direct control under the Paladin until enough in that job field could make up a Squad. This allows the growth of the structure along with the increase of members. An example to better explain it is say a Division has 5 Infantry members, 1 Espionage member and two Tank members. The 5 Infantry members would make up a Squad, say "1st Assault Infantry" with the highest ranking member of the 5 leading that Squad. So the Paladin would command the leader of that Squad, the two Tank and one Espionage member. The Infantry members of that Squad would be under and report to that leader of the Squad, forming a chain of command. As The Brotherhood increases, more Squads would be made due to more people choosing their jobs in a Division and making up more Squads.

How To Gain Rank and Reputation Within The Brotherhood
You gain rank and reputation by the actions and contributions you make on just Gaia or within the Brotherhood. Contributions do not mean how much gold you give to the Brotherhood, that will be taken as a bribe unless you sincerely wish to help the Brotherhood in it's quest to help out the Gaian society and members within the Brotherhood. What I mean by contributions is not just gold, but wisdom, knowledge, actions you offer the Brotherhood and fellow Gaians. I will decide who goes up in rank and who gains reputation, but be warned your reputation is harder to make go up than your rank. Also, by just posting in the guild pages will help out on your gaining rank and posting often. If any questions on gaining rank or reputation, please post them in the "Announcements and FAQ" thread and we'll be happy to reply.
Conducts Of War And Battle
The Brotherhood Of Steel will try to avoid many wars with other guilds. The Paladins must vote upon the issue of going to war with another guild or group, war will be avoided as much as possible. When the future battle system in Gaia comes into play, we'll definitely be more actively involved in battles and war, the Brotherhood will shine during that time and will rule over all other guilds. Any member affiliated with another guild can not drag the Brotherhood to war, if necessary, the Paladins will vote on the issue. You may fight or battle with other Gaians if you wish, just don't try to drag the Brotherhood into your skirmish. The Brotherhood can be called upon to help in a skirmish or battle, that's what we're here for, to support our fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Brotherhood, if help is needed, call upon a member of the Brotherhood to help.

The Brotherhood Of Steel Motto
Submit to the Brotherhood, Fight for the Brotherhood, Conquer for the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood Of Steel Code
"We will become self-sufficient. We will become keepers of knowledge and lore. We will survive the end of civilization. We will take responsibility for our actions, and we will hold accountable the actions of others. We are a Brotherhood. We will stand back to back with those that share our convictions and beliefs. We are Steel. We are hard. We have been sharpened to an edge. Always remember the fires that we were forged in. Never forget. The motto from a previous time, and our motto now."

The Brotherhood Of Steel was established on December 14th, 2003 6:59am by ender_169 back in the days before the GGN or Gaia Guild Network. The Brotherhood Of Steel moved to the Gaia Guild Network upon it's release on July 22nd, 2004 and has made the GGN it's home ever since. The guild has been holding strong for well over four years and currently one of the oldest guilds on Gaia to date, a very sturdy and dependable guild to join.


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