Beginning as a Black Lace and Rose Prince Appreciation guild after we realized we couldn't get enough of them after Valentines 2012, we have since expanded our focus to appreciate all those anons that leave us thinking about a cold shower.

As a fan, you will find places to share your love of what ever anon has captured your heart (or your panties) in our forums. We love seeing your fan art, reading your fanfics or even just chatting with you! The guild also sponsors an anon appreciation thread every event as well as hosting in-guild events and contests at least once a month.

As an anon you'll find a way to connect with your fans, even when an event is over! Come and bask in our love for you, answer questions we have about your anons and let us get to know you a little better! You'll find other anons, places to share your backstory and anon profile and a support network.

Please do *not* donate to the Guild using the below button. That is only used for new subforums and cannot be used to hold contests and the like. Please notify us if you would like to donate for such an event, or donate directly to the guild mule (LaceandPrinceAppreciation).

Remember to also friend the guild mule once you join up for guild news and updates!