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The Barton Town Court of Justice is based on liberty, freedom, equality, and most importantly, justice. As Gaians, sometimes we encounter some problems that need to be fixed but they're not ToS violations, and the BTCJ can give you the justice that you deserve in any situation.

Our Constitution
Our guild's constitution is the Gaia Terms Of Service. We promote all of the Terms of Service, except Prohibited Conduct, listed in Section 4 of the Gaia TOS. Any member who violates ToS will be banned from the guild.

At Barton Town Court of Justice, we do not deal with Prohibited Conduct listed in the Gaia TOS. Court cases sent here dealing with any of the items listed in section 4 of the TOS will be sent immediately to a Gaia Moderator for a higher action.

What We Deal With
Barton Town Court of Justice deals with the following:
-Mediation for any personal situation on Gaia, including problems within guilds and over guilds. Anything a mediator handles, but no ToS Violations.

In this justice system, a jury will be selected through a secret process. You do not have to be a member of the guild to be on the jury.

Please join today and thank you for your support!
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