As many of you may or may not know this guild also has a games section. I, myself, am in a process of creating a game and would like all of you to please visit the site when you get the chance.
Also leave us a PM of what you think.

Now we will be trying to RP in this guild.

Do you like games, manga, or anime? If the answer is yes, than this is the guild for you.

This guild is a guild where you can talk about any type of anime or manga. We also discuss about video gaming technology and games that are just too cool.

Please Read the Rules!

Before posting, please read the Guild rules below, and heed them.

Note The rules are subject to change at any moment.


-No one can post on the Announcements accept for the moderators or unless asked to post by the moderators.

- No spamming.

- No cybering.

- Flaming isn't helpful to anyone, no matter how you think about it. Think, don't flame.

- No l33t speak. [Text talk. Although this does not apply for LOL (laugh out Loud)]

- Terms of Service applies.

- Do not make repeat threads. They will be deleted promptly.

- Mark all spoilers, and change the color to white. Failure to follow this rule will result in instant ban, regardless of who you are.

- Don't take your anger out on other people just because you have conflicting views on something. Quite the contrary, try to build a discussion out of it instead of hacking away at each other with insults.

- This may be a anime, manga, and games guild, but please THINK before making a topic. Nobody wants to hear about a game you beat in 24 hours straight without eating or taking a shower.

- We welcome all kinds, even those that can't type very well. However, please make your posts readable. Not everyone shares your level of intellect.

- Discussions must have some relevance to anime, manga, and games, unless a mod creates a topic that does not. Posting false information is strictly forbidden.

- Begging will not be tolerated! I -hate- when people PM me begging for donations. And I'm 99.9% sure everyone else does too. Do not beg/ask anyone for donations.

-To make sure you have read the rules, the first word of your first post after reading this must say either, Anime, Manga, or Games.
Questions? Concerns? Feel free to send the moderators a PM.