--- ABOUT US ---

Formerly an Anti-Twilight guild, the guild is now dedicated to... Enkism/Satanism.

--- RULES ---

1. THE GAIA TOS MUST BE FOLLOWED! Any violation of such will result in an immediate execution with the Ban Scythe.

2. FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. We respect other people's opinions here. Feel free to disagree with someone, but please be civil. Yes, you may have your taste in literature, but please let us have ours.

3. Be at least semi-literate. We're not going to attack you for the occasional typo, misspelling, or misuse of grammar, but please try to at least not be like Tara Gilespie.

4. No promoting of enemy religions. Seriously.

5. In the event of a troll (You know what I'm talking about. The person who posts nothing but misspelled "ALL GAYZ BRN TO DEATH" blather), please follow our simple troll-handling procedure

6. Be respectful of Enki/Satan and the other gods/demons. Any insults toward them will result in an immediate ban, with no warning.