Requirements for joining:

Applicants MUST write a 2-3+ sentence paragraph on their knowledge of anime.

Proper spelling, abbreviation and general grammar is advised. Anime is an exciting thing, and it is understandable if you are excited about anime or the possibility of joining the guild.

Tenchi's Anime Elysium is a guild that loves, discusses and celebrates all animes. This includes favorite classics like Dragonball Z, Neon Genesis Evangelion and/or Tenchi Muyo; as well as the most up-to-date releases, some of which have not even officially left the shores of Japan such as Madoka, Attack on Titan, etc.

Members engage in active discussions, and continuously brings new material to the table. Cosplay, Kemonomimi (cat girls and such) and conventions are regularly touched upon in discussion, and have whole threads devoted to the topics.

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