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Welcome to Team Snagem. We're a group of vigilantes with a sole purpose: to tear down the wall between good and evil, black and white, in order to dye the world gray and bring forth absolute freedom and peace for all. As such, we do whatever is necessary, and such words as "good" and "evil" aren't in the team's lexicon. Our purpose is not an unopposed one, however, and our list of enemies runs a mile deep. But none so much as the technologically advanced Team Cipher, a team that is both our antithesis and a constant hurdle. Their powerful tech and global reach has allowed them countless means to try and fabricate their own form of "peace," with the increasingly global threat of Shadow Pokemon forcing everyone's hand and slowly giving them an iron grip to control the world with.

And that, potential recruit, is where you come in. We have fought hard to get to where we are now, but one wrong move could mean all of it's been for nothing. We can't do this alone, and we need all the help we can get if our cause is to succeed. Should you join us, the world will be yours to snag.


How to Join

The first thing you should do is carefully consider what type of character you want. In Team Snagem there exists three types of characters. Normal humans, Hybrids, and Channelers. Humans are self-explanatory. A Hybrid is a person who is a genetic mix of both humans and a single species of Pokemon, giving them not only the physical characteristics of that species (however still humanoid) but also access to that species' abilities with training. And lastly we have Channelers which are still humans but have formed an immensely strong bond with a single Pokemon and with the use of an Artifact have gained abilities of their own through this bond.

If you want your character to be a hybrid you may have your character start out as one, the species of Pokemon they can be may be any non-legendary Pokemon of the first stage (unless of course you can provide a good reason why they would be a higher stage and lack any moves). Like previously said your character also starts out with no moves and only has access to one of their species' ability (any) and any latent traits (such as a young Charmander hybrid would be able to withstand high temps.) You can learn more about hybrids here. Furthermore if you want your character to be an allowed legendary hybrid you must start out as a human character and complete a special mission that may be requested from an admin.

If you want to be a Channeler just simply start off as a normal human and complete a Master Mission of the type you wish to be a Channeler of. Learn more about Channelers here.

With a a character in mind write out a brief Roleplaying example based on the scenario and below and send it to SubonicXP.



So your character spent a number of years doing what ever before you decided to join up with Team Snagem. Why don't you give us a short story of a moment in your character's life. Where did they grow up? What made them decide to join Team Snagem? It can be whatever you want, just have it ending with them joining Team Snagem, or deciding to. Furthermore in this scenario reveal your character's lone Pokemon. It can be any first stage non-legendary Pokemon that still evolves. That is your starter Pokemon. Also try and include a battle in this scenario.


Don't send your sample in with your Guild application request, send it in a PM to SubonicXP. Once you have sent it, apply to the guild and in your message state who you sent the PM to.

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