"From the deepest depths of the ocean..."

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Welcome to Team Aqua! If you like water Pokémon and protecting the world, then this is the guild for you! We usurped our evil Team Leader, Archie, and have risen up to help defend the planet instead of flooding it. Join us today!


Recently in the RP...

Chapter One:

Team Aqua
Ghetsis and Team Plasma; A New Enemy - August 8th, 2014 - Main RP
Started on Page 354 - Ended on Page 358

A special news bulletin on the TV informed Team Aqua of a massive ship that had arrived in Coumarine City. Naturally, their Leader was struck with the amazing idea of taking the ship for Team Aqua, as the Aqua Submarine clearly wasn't cutting it on it's own. Team Aqua journeyed to Coumarine City and found this half of the city empty. The train had been damaged and was preventing the northern half of the city from evacuating to the southern half. Team Aqua's only option was to travel up the train tracks by foot, where they found the obviously sabotaged train. It was on fire and some passengers were trapped on board, scared for their lives. With the help of their Pokémon, Team Aqua freed the passengers and got them to safety before moving on to the upper half of Coumarine City.
In the northern part of Coumarine, they found the city in a state of pure panic. Weird-looking gang members were stealing Pokémon and throwing them aboard the giant ship docked in the harbour. Team Aqua fought off a few of the members, catching the eye of their Leader, a robed, green-haired man by the name of Ghetsis. The gang called themselves Team Plasma and their main goal was to free all Pokémon from the clutches of unworthy trainers. Currently, though, they were in Kalos seeking something that had been stolen from them.
After fighting off some more grunts, the thing that had been stolen from them finally appeared. It was the Legendary Dragon, Zekrom, and it's trainer, a boy named N, was currently being held hostage to try and control the beast. N was commanded to order Zekrom to destroy Team Aqua, and so it did. The dragon's power was devastating and Team Aqua was forced to flee the scene. They don't know what happened to N and Zekrom after they left, but they know that Coumarine City was burnt to the ground and they were currently powerless to stop it...

Rewards: Everyone who participated gets a Max Revive, a Full Heal, and 1500 PD.

Chapter Two:

Team Aqua
Team Aqua Journeys To Unova - August 17th, 2014 - Main RP
Started on Page 374 - Ended on Page 378

Packing mostly everything they owned into their precious Submarine, Team Aqua journeyed upriver from the wide Lumiose City canals to the ruin of Coumarine City, with the intention of tracking down Team Plasma to defeat them and exact revenge for the happenings of last week.
As they neared the river mouth that opened up into the sea by Coumarine City, they met with a familair face; Kyogre. The blue leviathan watched them closely for a few moments before allowing Team Aqua to pass. It decided to help them along their journey by creating an ocean current to speed their progress.
The journey to Unova from Kalos was a long one, taking quite a few hours. They took a break and fought some Water-type Pokémon on the way, but the rest of the trip was fairly uneventful.
Eventually, they made it to Castelia City, where they found Team Plasma's ship docked at the metropolis' harbour. Team Aqua hid the submarine well and booked themselves into a dingy hotel to avoid any suspicion. Now, all they had to do was come up with a plan...

Rewards: Everyone who participated gets 1500 PD and a Casteliacone. Let's hope something more exciting happens next week!

Why Should You Join Team Aqua?User ImageUser Image

  • Many active members with years of role-playing experience.
    Some of our members have even been a part of the team itself for a few years.
  • We just rebooted our storyline for a fresh start for both new and old members.
    The guild is several years old and many of our oldest members no longer frequent Gaia, so we decided to reboot the storyline and make the guild truly our own.
  • A newly introduced class system.
    We just finished the touch-ups on a brand new system that allows you to choose between many different classes. It's a new way to expand upon your character and gain some influence in the RP!
  • Weekly main RPs and daily side RPs.
    We have a lot of adventures to go on, so one of our crew members hosts what we call a main RP to help push along the story every week. On top of that, any member can host a side RP of their own and bring along fellow guild mates to catch Pokemon and get some battle experience.
  • Many missions to choose from for those with a knack for writing.
    We have a large list of solo missions to choose from, all ranging in difficulty, availability of Pokemon, and item/cash rewards. The list is constantly growing as well, and all of our members are free to suggest ideas for new missions if they desire.
  • Monthly contests.
    We host contests at least once a month to help instill some creativity in our members. These contests usually involve completing or creating missions, with rewards going to those who write or create the best mission. We also host recruiting contests to entice members to recruit their friends!

How to Join

We accept new members all the time! When you request to join, please tell us which pokemon you want to have as your first partner and we also want to know what part of the Pokémon world you hail from. It wouldn't do to send your starting kit to Orre when you live in Cherrygrove City, right?
You may choose one from the following starters (Remember to please tell us which one you want as your starter in your join request!!)

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Upon joining you'll start out with

  • 1000 Poke Dollars
  • 5 Poké Balls
  • Aqua Bike DX
  • Team Aqua Dual Screen (aka 'TADS')
  • Backpack

    When you join, you'll be given a special mission right off the bat to go catch a second pokemon to be your partner. We'll give you the details in a PM.