If you are seeking entrance into this Guild, please read this whole page before requesting to join.

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Hello and welcome to Tamora Pierce - The Fan Guild! This guild is dedicated to the fans of the young-adult fantasy writer Tamora Pierce. There are so many things for on to do in this guild that we're confident that you'll find something you'll love. Combined with a friendly crew, it's a wonderful place to be. With many things for you to enjoy. We have something for everyone.

What's in Tamora Pierce - The Fan Guild:

-Friendly people
-Fan Fiction
-Fan Art
-Role playing
-and much more

Guild News:

July 21st, 2009: The guild face-lift is still underway. Please bare with us until we get all the cobwebs taken down. Even though we're moving things around and polishing our pixelated tables, feel free to join still. We're always happy to have new people. I can't stress enough that all the Moderators and members are very nice and friendly.

December 2nd, 2009: The crew is currently working behind the scenes to bring you new and fun things for the coming year. There will soon be an announcement in regards to the specific goodies we are cooking in our secret forum. Also please know that we are back to cracking down hard on people who are inactive in the guild. So make sure you post and participate. =D

July 6, 2010: We are going through a new face lift! Hang in there and ignore all the dust and noise!

July 25, 2013:
We've been adding and revamping!


- Follow all of Gaia's ToS.

- Be respectful and do not spam.

- When you join you have two weeks to post in the forums or you run the risk of being banned.

- To join please fill out the application near the bottom of this page. (If you do not fill it out, your request will not be accepted.)

- You must post something every two weeks. Longer than that and you receive an official warning.

- If you find yourself getting in an argument with another member please spare us all and take it to pm's.

- Please use reasonable font.
This is not reasonable font.

- If you are going to be away long than two weeks, say for a vacation, then you must post in the thread designated for that when you're leaving and when you'll be back. If you do not then we assume you just aren't posting and you will receive an official warning.

Application for Entrance

I want to guild Tamora Pierce - The Fan Guild because ___.
I am __ years old.
My favorite Tamora Pierce book is ___.
A little about myself ____.

Have you read and understand all of the rules?

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