-The Taline Manor Original RP could always use more people so don't be afraid to let your character jump in. There are also alot of other roleplays so you just need to find your niche

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This isn't a normal guild, it spawned from the overwhelmingly great response from my Roleplay so now we're here. It's not all about vampires, that's just the catchy name, all are welcome. This is really about having fun, learning some new things, meeting people, and being you... so if you can dig it, I can dig it.

If you'd like to join just send the request, and I'll accept everyone, as long as you're not obnoxious and annoyingly arrogant in doing this. ^_^

This is the description from the Roleplay that this guild came from, so this should get you a little acquainted with us.

This is a bit of a play off of Underworld, all of the vampires live in a coven and they reside in a giant Victorian/Gothic mansion called Taline Manor. I inherited the house from Geoffrey Taline, he was the oldest vampire I had ever known, he was over 3,000 years old when he got tired of living and took his life. The house is always busy, it's full of romance, violence, and there is always disputes over who will go out to hunt for food. We have maids, butlers, and servants who are humans under our control they aren't food we have other ways of getting humans. There are parties all the time and we send out the hunters to get our food for the party, they try to lure criminals, and immoral people, it's rare that we take the blood of the innocent but it does happen on occasion. There is a coven leader, Me (Vickilyn) who is looking for someone to share the power with, she's tired of all the responsibility of running a coven on her own, so that will be the starting line. We do need females and males, hunters and partyers, anyone and everyone, you can be a vampire or a human looking to be turned, werewolf, demon, angel, anything really, just have fun.