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Hello, and Welcome to Sword Art Online. After the previous troubles, and the company servers swapping hands, the original Sword Art Online game has been perfected, made bug free, and perfectly safe for use. We look forward to seeing new faces around the game.

It took a long time, but the original Sword Art Online game format and servers have been cleaned up and passed expansion and the projects name cleared. There are now many failsafes to insure safe log-outs no matter what the system errors. Various controls regulating the effect on the body have been added as well. When you die in the game, you will respawn within a short while. Many Guilds have already been created, social, battle, and PK guilds as well. Everything in SAO is perfectly safe.

Or so we thought...

The newest PK (player-killer) Guild calls itself 'The Reapers'. The leader of the Guild has managed to hack into the system and restore its orginal settings and programmings despite the best profession efforts to prevent such an event. In order to allow the old system to work again she attached her personal Avatar to the System as a lock release.

Once Again players are trapped inside of the notorious game, and now have to hunt down the person responsible for another Death Game. Until the person responsible is killed, there is no escape. Even The Reapers have no idea who caused this massacre game, they have never truly seen their Guild Master face-to-face and no knowledge of the perpetrator's location or skills exist in the system.

Perhaps, like the one before, you will find the murderer before you know it, or maybe they lie in wait at the top floor. Will you fall prey to monsters, PKers, or suicide? Will you survive until the end by hiding and waiting for someone else to do the hard part? Or will you rally your fellow Game Players and storm the game to save everyone in SAO?

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In order Join this Guild you must fill this out with your join request

• How much do you know about SAO? (Will not determine if accepted or not)

• Do you accept any and all Guild Rules are capable of following them?

• How long have you been Rping on or off Gaia?

• How did you find the guild?

• Please send a RP sample, so we know what we are dealing with.(Can be from a current or past RP you have been in.)