SoG = Stars of Gaia.

Lamia Lacuna is now currently the owner of the guild.

We are sorry to inform you, but Gaia Guilds currently have a small glitch. If you have received a invitation from this guild, you accept it, but cant get view the forums, Please request a "Join guild now" forum.
Saying "Guild Glitch"
A mod will accept you into the guild soon.
Thank you ~

Welcome, To "The stars of Gaia" guild.

Stars of Gaia is a guild where you meet friendly people without the worries of them wanting to know you for the purpose of gaining items. This is a guild for wealthy, literate, and respectful Gaians. There are many times when it is uncomfortable for Gaians such as ourselves to post somewhere new or deal with the begging, scamming and disrespectful Gaians. While there are many people on Gaia who do not act this way, the number that do is overwhelming.

Stars of Gaia is unlike any guild you have been a part of. We are active fun loving people who genuinely just want to meet new people. There are a variety of subforums for everyone's interests, as well as a large general hangout where pretty much everything and anything is discussed. Stars of Gaia is open to all suggestions and multiple kinds of discussion with a large diverse group of Gaians with "wealth". So far the results have been outstanding. New friendships have been built and support is given to every member in their endeavors.

Stars of Gaia is diverse group of Gaia's most wealthy and well known members. We are all the same, yet completely different at the same time. Most of the members have their oldbie stories to tell the good and bad of what Gaia was and what it has become. Some are genius noobies who learned the way of Gaia quickly and are masters of making gold. The members and crew are down to earth, fun-loving people. Stars of Gaia tries its best to stay drama free and make sure our members are treated equally with respect. The members range from book nerds to gamers to athletes and possibly the greatest people you will ever meet.

Requesting to Join
If you would like to join this guild, You must be wearing a item/Monthly Collectible worth over at least 3,000,000 gold. When you are accepted into this guild you dont have to wear the item(s) over 3,000,000 gold anymore. We also accept anyone who is considered "famous" by means of winning competitions on the Gaia Arenas 3nodding just let us know what makes you famous with proof.

When You are requesting to Join this guild Please fill out this form before you submit.

1. Why do You want to come in this guild?
2. How did you find this guild?
3. What Item are you wearing and what is the Price of it/ or what makes you famous with proof!

Please note mods might not check requests everyday so please be patient.

If you have any questions or concerns please Pm Lady Lyneve or any mods in this guild that you can find Here. Or if you just want to know a little about them. Also If you have been Banned from this guild It might of been from your inactivity, If you would like to rejoin, Please get a mod to send you a request.

There is a 1g entry fee, Please keep a track of your gold.

Please do Not donate to this guild, This guild has enough gold saved. For the people who did thank you very much.

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