This guild was created to address the voices of the Gaians and their views on the site in general. That includes glitches, hackers, cleaning up gaia, the administration, and anything you feel like suggesting. Hopefully this guild can address these problems and attract the attention to get something done about them. The guild is free to enter, but donations are accaptable *wink wink nudge nudge lol. So please join and help us make gaia a better place by voicing your views and helping recruit more people

Don't forget to recommend the guild.. u know the little button below back to registry... yeaaaah click it!

1. Be kind and polite to all other members
2. Any trace of cybering, sexual talk, or anything viewed as inappropriate will get you removed from the guild.
3. The occasional swear word is okay, but after a certain point there will be consequences.
4. Obey all of Gaia's rules and you should be fine.
5. Remember to feel free to express your self because this is the word of the Gaians! Just keep it clean.
6. Please try and be mature about stating your opinions. Comments like "Gaia sucks" and "WE SHOULD ALL LEAVE" aren't helping anyone. Constructive criticism goes a long way.
7. IMPORTANT NEW RULE!!! please if u join attempt to post something in the forums now and then im not saying u hv to be on all the time, but add something in once in awhile. Dont be afraid to post something

!!!!!!!!!!!Listen up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is also thread about this so check that out too (click below)
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