Instead of relying on everyone to follow the rules of joining, I made an entry fee. The fee will go towards a guild chat space.

a. Have fun.
b. PG-13, why it wouldn't be in these forums, I have no idea.
c. Fun, not depressing, be nice.
d. No bashing my guild!
e. Gotta like Soul Eater... It would defeat the purpose of joining if you didn't.
f. Please no "text" talk. Were all civilized enough to speak right. Please do so.
(I don't mind stuff like "brb" or "wb" just not things with using numbers like " talk 2 u l8r" annoys
the hell out of me)

This is just a Soul Eater Fan Club.
We do have a Role Play going on in our guild so if you interested in that, go look in the forums. :]
I just couldn't find a good decent Soul Eater Fan
Club, so I decided to make one. ^_^

My favorite characters is Death Aoi the Kid and Crona smile .

Mmkay, thats about it.
Oh, and here is a link to a playlist of Soul Eater tribute videos.
Thank you for your time! ]

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