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This is a private community! However, we are quietly looking for Zelda enthusiasts to help us build up a community, a good story, etc. So in order to have some order to the chaos, we are screening new members.

In order to apply for entry, read up on the rules and fill out the form provided in your ‘reason for request’ dialogue box when you apply to join the guild. A staff member will screen the new members and if we feel you will be a good, respectful addition to the community, we’ll approve your join request.

|| Rules...
For conduct within the guild.

♥♥♥ Be respectful. This means that you are polite to everyone regardless of any small disagreements you might have with them. If you cannot stand to see someone post, gaia comes with a handy little ignore feature that will turn them invisible for you. This is a private guild for a reason. We want this to be a safe, clean, and happy place.

♥♥♥ Keep it clean. No obsessive swearing, no crude conversations (honestly, keep your private life to yourself), and don't make anyone uncomfortable.

♥♥♥ Do not talk controversy here. Politics, religion, orientation, etc. are all topics that can rub people the wrong way. If you have to talk about any of this, please take it to the chatterbox, to private message, or over instant messenger. Signature content is fine, but please don't gear the thread conversation towards anything that might offend someone. We want this to be a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, regardless of opinion.

♥♥♥ Do not tamper with the artwork! Only approved colorists will be allowed to work from the templates here. Anyone found to be tracing, altering, or 'heavily referencing' from the artwork will be instantly blacklisted.

♥♥♥The universe is Hyrule. This is a setting based on The Legend of Zelda. You don't have to have played the games but it is suggested that you know a thing or two about the universe.
xxxZelda Wiki can easily get you up to speed!

♥♥♥This is a fan community, but not one of those fan communities. Yaoi, yuri, etc. will not be permitted within the guild. This means all relationships are to remain between an unrelated boy and an unrelated girl of the same age. The canon will always sink the fan ships, regardless of how loud the crew members are. This is not an attack on anyone’s beliefs, opinions, lifestyle choices, or convictions. We welcome and respect everyone within the community, but because things tend to go too far in communities where a line isn’t drawn early on, we’re insisting on this standard. It’s true to the Zelda cannon, which is what we’re going for.

If this rule is not something that you can live with, then you are free to go along your way.

♥♥♥ The only people we cannot, and will not, tolerate are people who cannot treat other people as fellow human beings. Regardless of politics, morals, or convictions we are a community united by our love for the wonderful Legend of Zelda franchise and that’s what the community is all about. We welcome everyone.

To Join
Send the following form in to your join request:

►Have you read over the rules?
• (Yes or no)
► Do you agree to abide by the rules?
• (Yes or no)
► Do you know much about Zelda?
• (Yes or no)
► Any additional comments or concerns?
•(Answer as you wish!)
► Did anyone refer you in?
• (Please let us know!)