Welcome to Silent Whispers of the Moon!

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Here, I want this to a a friendly and kind place. So the big main rule is: BE NICE. We are viewed as a family, no matter how huge or unbelievable that is. Therefore we should act as a family.

This is not a roleplaying guild. We do have a roleplaying section for those who wish to roleplay. But you must have reasons to join other than that. This is a place to learn, and to be accepted for our beliefs; we are Wiccan/ Pagan, first and foremost.

Rules to Join:
~ You have to not be a n00b on Gaia.
(And if you still want to join, prove it to us, please. It's not to sound mean, but sometimes people join and ruin things.)

~Show us how you're interested into joining this guild.

~And please tell us how you happened upon here.

~Leave the form blank, and you shall not be accepted.

Once You Join:

~You must read the rules.

~Post in the Introduction Thread.

~And be active. (If you are going to be offline for a period of time, please notify us beforehand.)

The guild mule is xXxtheMotherNightxXx.
Please donate to the mule, and not the guild account. If we really need to, we can use the mule to donate into the guild account.

`~` Kisa Raine Shadowmaker