Hey all! This is a guild for all those who love Shaman King, or even those just getting into it! Everyone is welcome! Also, This guild allows subs and dubs!

Your Join Guild message has to be

Who is your favourite character?:
Approximately how many times do you post per day?:

If you do not post the above in your guild request you will not be allowed in the guild

And please use proper grammar no leet

Guild Alliances

Please visit these guilds for more info on specific topics or animes.

OverSoul: a Dub-Free Shaman King Guild
Shaman Fight! A Shaman King Battle-type RPG
Unerasable Sins, A FMA Guild
Naruto Guild
Cat demon guild
~The Rurouni Kenshin Guild~
The Naruto Discussion Guild
Catgirl Fans United
Sadame: An Anime Role Playing Guild
The West Side Nekos
Shaman King Melody of the Spirits
Dissimilis Vita~Dissimilis Sententia
~*The Lost Dragon*~
Elementalists Past, Present and Future
Dance Dance Revolution Guild
The Angelic Underground
The Akatsuki Clan
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