A role play set in the 1700's with pirates, navy men/women, merchants, and more! Come in and join us. We have six ships, a lot of places to rp, powerful ancient runes to find, and more! Any races are welcome, but at that time in history most would still not be out in the open about what they are. Some ships everyone is open about their race and powers, other ships are still acting as Human.

Rules of the guild:
1. No God-modding
2. Please be semi-literate. No one sentence posts, try to make the effort of doing at least a paragraph per character.
3. No text talk
4. Please type in third-person.
5. Follow the TOS and keep things pg-13. There are going to be heated moments but please, not here.
6. Stay active please. If you can.
7. To keep this guild a happy fun time, keep the BS drama out of it. Do not take RPing to a personal level.
8. No poofing ship from place to place, you must actually sail to your destinations.
9. You cannot make a GOD like character. Everyone has a limit to what they can do in the real world, so I would like it the same here. Even if you are a demon or angel etc. Please have a set of abilities to use, not just make them up as you go.