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I wish to create a guild where users may join and know the ways a person may try and take their account as it may be the user in question could say they are an admin, a moderator, a new employee who hasn't gotten the color of their name changed yet. There are many many ways a person will try just to gain access to another persons account to gain their gold and items. I wish to help stop that by bringing people awareness of the danger and what to look out for. So please, join us and learn how to better protect yourself from users who mistreat the rules and will resort so low as to hacking or stealing someone's information through threats, false words, and fake images.

1.) Be Respectful to everyone, there is no tolerance for rudeness or bulling
2.) No trying to hack someone else's account. If found doing so will be removed and reported immediately.
3.) Have fun
4.) Invite those who are new so they learn early on what to watch out for
5.) No inappropriate/disrespectful content
6.) Be Active
7.) If you've experienced hacking or been threatened by someone pretending to be an admin then please, step forwards and tell us what the person did/said so other know what to watch out for if not already listed.
8.) Introduce Yourself when you join. The location of the Introduction topic is: Click View Forum, Scroll all the way down, Look for a topic called Introduction, Click it and Click Post Reply and type up about yourself or just say hello and what we may call you, Then click Submit
Link to Introduction Topic

And now a comic created by myself. Avis were created on Tektek and the story written by myself as an example of what this guild hopes to prevent or make less happening.

Breaking News! This just in!
*A new user of Gaia has just joined. Let's call her Jenny*

User ImageJenny Yes! Now to try this site everyone talks about!

*Jenny is very happy, dressing her avi and going off to the Games section to play and earn gold. She has learned gaia after a few months, having a lot of gold saved up, questing for Inari Bead's*

User ImageJenny Soon I'll have that EI with those cute foxes! I can't wait! I've already got 500,000 gold saved. I'm so close!

*She's very happy but doesn't know the danger lurking in the unseen part of Gaia*

??? Hehehehehe...oh look. A new user. Hmmm, I bet they have a lot of gold.

*This is a thief, we shall just call her Thief*

User ImageTheif Now then, profile, Send PM, -type, type, type-, send and now to wait for the gold to come rolling in.

User ImageJenny Huh? A new message? -click, open, read- Oh no! I wonder who reported my account! I better give them my information quick before I get ban! -click reply, types in User Name, Password, Date of Birth, E-mail address, sends-

User ImageTheif Oh? Hah! Another sucker! -writes down information, logs out, logs in with Jenny's info, changes password and e-mail-

User ImageJenny Huh? What happened? Why'd I get logged out? -tries logging back in- That's odd. Must be the server's down. I'll try tomorrow.

*Jenny goes to bed as Thief works all night, taking her gold and items, when done puts the information back to normal*

Jenny Well lets see if the Gaia server is up and working today. -types, log in, cries- WHAT HAPPENED?!

*Jenny's gaia is down to her underwear, her gold balance is 0 gold, her Inventory is empty, leaving Jenny in tears*

User ImageJenny What happened to all my hard work and things?! -checks mail, finding PM from Thief gone- What happened? It's not fair.

User Image*This happens every day to a user out of millions that use Gaia everyday. Don't become a victim, learn to protect yourself and warn others. If you don't know how to protect yourself you will end up like Jenny, starting over from square one. Remember Only you can prevent Account Theft.*
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