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The purpose of this guild is to unite those who enjoy to roleplay, and share their writing, also to share their creative ideas in hopes to find someone who shares the same interests, and to create friendships.


Roleplaying Anything really goes, only if it doesn't go against TOS, and it doesn't offend people; you need to be semi-literate which means you have to spell out all your words, no using asterisks, use quotations when your character is speaking, to differentiate between speaking and action.

Example of a no-no "wel ok i gess. " -looks across room- (Naughty!)

Example of how to write correctly "Well, okay, I guess.." Johnathan stated awkwardly, looking across the room trying to diverge his attention away, fidgeting ever so slightly. (Correct sentence )

Why is the sentence above correct? It shows detail, proper grammar, correct spelling, and it leads into something the other person or people can reply to, not to mention the added bonus of describe the setting.

Sharing stories Same rules and guidelines above, don't treat people disrespectfully, Don't take it upon yourself to make rude comments on their writing, it's not nice nor is it needed. Be courteous and helpful, don't just bash on someone because you can. Be productive with your words if they are a critical.

Art All art is accepted, to an extent. Please abide by the Gaia rules, and feel free to share your art, and your character's physical descriptions.

For those who consider joining, please be respectful to everyone, myself, and the vice captains, thank you and have a nice day.

If any assistance is needed, contact me; Scarlet Vacancy, Shinigami Char, or nurse suicide and we'll do our best to assist you in any form needed.

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