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RP Managers: Cihiru, Celeanor, Zephira738, Uta, Concinnity Blaise
Full Time Colorists: Cihiru, Celeanor, Mewrose, F a y t h - x
Guest Colorists: Myracuulous

Dragon and Wher Artwork is © KaiserFlames ( and was commissioned for use in this shop.

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Welcome to a Pern written in shades of grey.

Our story starts some 600 turns in the distant past, when the heroism of the 9th Pass Dragonriders successfully saw the end of the Threads. For generations, the people of Pern have taken this success for granted. Holders and crafters have continued settling the large Southern Continent, under the jurisdiction of the Weyrleaders. The dragonriders themselves have taken a stab at holding and working in the crafts, particularly those which would be helped by the presence of these large, graceful, and self-aware creatures. The firestone mines were closed, holds and crafts stopped tithing to the Weyrs, and dragonriders were mostly left to their own devices. While dragonriders are still respected, their status is not nearly as elevated as it was in the past. Non-sympathizers might go so far as to call them anachronisms: ancient relics of a long-gone society.

In this interlude, other factions have developed as humanity struggles and expands across Pern's peaceful surface. Drama unfolds within the Weyrs, creating a marauding band of riders known only as The Rogues. In the pits of Monaco Bay Hold, wherhandlers set their beasts against one another for a bit of coin and prestige, giving rise to a new standard among whers. Fighting Whers. And in the dense jungles of the South, what were once dragon-killing terrors are now committing the unthinkable. Working with man, the felines of the South have joined as partners, possessing an intelligence as keen as the Dolphins of Pern. Economic niches have been filled within the Holds, with such places as Bitra and Monaco Bay turning to a darker line of work in the absence of history's nobler pursuits

Some twenty Turns before our shop Meta begins the astronomers, yet again called “starsmiths”, noticed an anomaly in Pern’s skies. Naturally, harmless and not-so-harmless objects had been tracked over the years and dealt with as necessary. However, this particular new body seemed to be more than a passing comet. Surreptitious checks of the old AIVAS files suggested that the object seemed to be following a similar, albeit altered, orbit to that of the old Red Star. The Starsmiths brought this information to the Weyrleaders’ attention. Many dragonriders discredited it—every couple hundred Turns, around the time a Pass would have started, rumors would circulate that Thread was back to ruin the lives of all hardworking Pernese. And, of course, it never did. People went about their lives, only more convinced of the 9th Pass dragonriders’ success.

Until now.

Scarcely two weeks after the Rogues launched their first major offensive against a governing body of power, during a Gather meant to celebrate Monaco Bay Hold's ability to rise up from the ashes of the Rogue Raid, Thread descended.

It is not without irony that the Rogues themselves, the only dragonriders on Pern with the knowledge of how to fight with firestone, were in attendance at this Gather, intent on rescuing two of their own who had been captured during the Raid. Doubly ironic, is that their decision to fly as Dragonmen against Thread followed the traumatic execution of a greenrider who owed them her allegiance.

Now that the immediate threat has been dealt with, and the Weyr has rallied to the best of it's ability following the ignoble death of their Weyrleader at that very same Gather, the question remains..

Will the Dragonriders of Pern, nay, the People of Pern be able to rally together in order to defeat the Threads... or will 600 years of disconnect finally see the end to a civilization begun some 3000 years in the past when the colonists first arrived?

Only you know.

*Note: The events recorded in All the Weyrs of Pern, The Dolphins of Pern, and The Skies of Pern should be considered canon.

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