*Follow ToS
*Keep all posting pg-13
*Be active in posting
*When expecting long absences post in absence thread
*Be at the very least semi-literate, NO TEXT LANGUAGE!
*Welcome new members into the guild with open arms
*when fighting, ALWAYS leave the other character(s) a chance to evade/parry. Example of what to do: He came at him, at a break neck speed, with intent to ram him to the ground
*When fighting NEVER take control of the other character, example of what not to do: And he threw him into the ground where he lay stunned.

Major Races

The Mhor Laigart

(A.K.A The Mhor, The Hunted)

The Denona Seal

(A.K.A The Seal, Denona, The Hunters)



Main Story Line

The Denona and the Mhor had waged war between themselves for years, focusing only on each other, and in the process giving rise to an indigenous species, known as the Matians. The humans joined the war after their cities were being raided, by both sides, for supplies, the Denona tested the humans they captured, the Mhor allowed the people in the towns to remain there as long as they supplied their armies with supplies, if they did not concede the Mhor left them to the mercies of the Denona. This war ended long ago, finished with a treaty establishing the bondaries of the humans, Denona, and the Mhor. The minor races had simply not been labeled as intelligent life, and were therefore not included in this Declaration of Peace. They were only recently discovered to be intelligent, except for the Gyo who had simply been in hiding well after the war. the minor races had built cities, specialized for their physical needs, (Nests, borrows, hollows, etc.) they do not harm the environmet in any way that would permanently affect it.

Every individual race also has its own inner story-line to work with inside.