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Rykros has been referred to as a dumping ground for all different creatures. Creatures of magic, creatures of science, and normal humans. Rykros has it all.

In a single night, the whole of Rykros' mortal creatures are visited by a vision of death. The world awakes in horror from gripping nightmares of murder, torture, war and chaos each painting a macabre silhouette of dancing blood and bones. From these terrible visions rose an army fueled by a terrible thirst to purge the world of all who would stand against the promised coming of their Risen God, the exiled Creator Grix. One man was chosen to lead this genocidal charge across the planet. Known as the Plague Lord, only later was he given name and form. After holding a summit in the mountain kingdom of Jiaum, the leaders of Rykros' nations rose to the threat, rallying their people and personal powers to protect the lives of millions... but their journey was fated to begin with death. The leaders of Jiaum, Amaterasu and Tiber, and Wormwood, Luna and Red, fell to the Plague Army, along with Lady Elizabeth of Mau. Lord Rapheal of Mau, for reasons unknown, deserted his nation and left it to be taken into pirate hands.

Despite these dark times, the leaders of Ernya, Kishu and the Devil's Eye Desert were able to unite and successfully route the Plague Army's invasion of the desert Town of Triwinds. At the hands of the vengeful Desert Lord Krayth, the Plague General Ivy the Tangled was tortured, interrogated and then executed. The knowledge they gained was valuable, but came at a fateful price. The Lady of the Devil's Eye Desert, Azur Bascule, was murdered on the frontlines of Triwinds as the others fought against Ivy. Her death marked the turning point for her lover, the Desert Lord Krayth, and he descended into darkness and savagery in his desperate thirst for revenge.

With Seven of Rykros' rulers slain and hope dwindling, Lady Liliana of Ernya used her power to foresee their enemy's next move, putting them in Jiaum during The Breaking. Plague Soldiers were everywhere in Jiaum, trying to turn it into a base of operations in the absence of a solid leader. The Plague Lord's other two generals, Glacia the Cold and Sephra of the Swift Advance, led this assault. But it would not come to be. Lord Krayth of Devil's Eye and Lord Tombz of Kishu killed Glacia in Jiaum, tearing the woman in half. A bloody battle was had with Sephra at the top of the mountain capital, Lord Krayth taking the charge with her as Lord Srin of The Citadel defended Lady Liliana from Plague Soldiers as she readied her most powerful spell. Lord Krayth vanished with Sephra as Lady Liliana unleashed the powerful Elemental Maelstrom, destroying Jiaum Mountain and causing The Breaking of the once mighty mountain capital.

The fight moved to Andalusia, the underground capital of The Devil's Eye. There, Krayth finished his long and nearly fatal fight with Sephra. Sentencing her to torture and rape before her beheading, it was then when Krayth consumed Sephra's soul and learned the most disturbing of truths about her and himself, as well as all he needed to know of the Plague Lord Vincent Avvelenato. Despite this revelation, fighting this false lord was not to be. His army descended on all of Rykros, attacking everywhere they could. Lord Srin suddenly disbanded from the other rulers, deciding that his efforts would be better spent on rallying The Crimson Legion to exploit Jiaum's lack of order, and he left for The Citadel without offering the others an explanation.

Those who were left rejoined Krayth in Devil's Eye, where they were faced with their last foe, the Beast of the Plague Lord. Through the long and bloody battle, they were able to slay the beast. But not without loss. In a bid to bring down the Beast, Lord Tombz grappled the creature and drug it down into the sands with him, burying both of them for the rest of time.

The Plague Lord Vincent appeared to the leaders, bloody and battle-worn, to curse them for dismantling his plans. He vowed his return, speaking of personally killing each of them himself, before vanishing into the noonday sun. Lord Krayth vanished into darkness, his plans confided in Adellos, as he left the Last Son of Sky Tribe as the Lord of his people. Lady Liliana retreated to Ernya to seclude herself within the grounds of her palace. The Plague Army had been stopped that day but to what end? ...No one knows.

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