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The In’s and Outs. Laws and Explanations. (read all)

We enjoy ourselves. That’s what we like to do. Nice relaxing, stimulating conversation is what we are about. There is much banter, and many laughs. Don’t be afraid to share something with the class. Most likely someone will have an opinion, or advise. We also like to RP, write, and talk about strange happenings. It’s a family. And you know how family works. No matter what, we are always there for each other.

Polls: We support Polls, so every topic MUST have one. Warnings will be given out, but to many and your gone.

Debated/Controversial issues and Respect: We respect everyone’s opinion! Flames, bashing, and down-right attacks on people will get you ONE warning! Count it ONE! And that’s only because sometimes you may not know where the line to stop is. But cross it more than ONCE and we’ll be after you, and your little dog to!

This guild likes to have fun: And a lot of it can be perverse, sarcastic, and heated. If you find any of it offending, no one really means to be. But that’s just the way we get along. Its all in good humor.

Other guilds: We don’t mind you liking other guilds, but you cannot advertise other guilds. It’s rude! But guilds in your signature is, of course, just fine. ^^

Want to beg?: You can do that, just in the right forum. Begging in the main forum, or other subforums that are not for begging, quests, or Spam is not aloud. That’s why we have a forum for it!

So if you think you could follow and understand the rules, and explanations then just send a join request. We love everyone, no one will be turned away!