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Have a cup of tea!


We are a semi to literate guild, but we do allow some use of acronyms. We are all tired of reading text talk crap and horrible grammar. If you are not at least semi literate GTFO.
Here at roses and riches we love creativity in whatever form it comes, so if you love art, music, drama, dancing, cooking or anything else that involves the creative process, please join!
The guild is tea party themed so please, enjoy the stay and have a cup of tea. (Or coffee, coffee is good too.)


The rules are pretty basic. We expect everyone to act mature, be at least semi literate, and when posting art or anything of the sort under their name it better be their own. That means no taking credit for someone else's work.


We no longer have a guild mule, so donations can be made to me (sezuko) for the guild. We have a donation thread where donations will be kept track of. Before you send your donation, title the trade with "Roses and Riches Donation."

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