Roleplay Chronicles: Stories throughout time is a guild where no matter what animal or creature you are or in whatever era of time, you'll fit right in.

We specialize in the strange and normal, the past and future. Our Roleplays are unique and entertaining.

Whether you want a good read, or you want to get in on the action there are plenty of ongoing RPs that enjoy a new face whenever one pops up.

(Update) Nazo: We will also be opening soon, a section, designed to help develop your RP skills, even if you consider yourself an RP veteran, you can share your knowledge to help your guild peers, and you can still learn new things.

To join just answer these questions (not that they matter much):

How often do you log on AND POST?

What are your RPing preferences?

Any RP ideas?

(And finally) is there anything we could add to make the guild front page more inviting?

here are a few of our memorable characters and their RPs:

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Isha from Horos.

Update: Dreadlord Kharne
I have raised a bann demon named Tim. Obey, or face him...
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