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The region of Raymore was in turmoil for the best part of half a century. In a hard fought campaign Sola Asura came to power in the great city, but was unable to extend her influence far outside of the city walls, and it thus it remained. In this time she renamed the city Riverrun after the river which flowed through it.

5 years into her reign, a daemon, Shaakati, came to Riverrun seeking assistance in Locating another Daemon by the name of Rorek. Shaakati was at first unsuccessful in his search, so he settled in Riverrun. Eventually falling in love with and later marrying Queen Sola. Thus he became King of Riverrun. For 3 further years they ruled Riverrun through its most prosperous days yet.

But that was soon to end. Civil war Ripped Riverrun city asunder and bitter battles broke out all over the city with neither side gaining the upper hand. In an attempt to resolve the battle once and for all, the two sides, naming themselves 'Defenders of Riverrun' and 'The Lordes', broke the battles into one on one duels to the death.

The final confrontation was between the two sides was a multiple person per side affair. On the Side of the Defenders were Rorek Orobus, Light and Inferno. Opposing them were the Lordes David, Stark and Ulquiorra. The battle was long and bitter, in the end each side cancelled out the other and as their combined energies combined the resultant cataclysm all but destroyed the once proud city of Riverrun.

Ten years of hard rebuilding it took for the city of Riverrun to regain its former glory. The Following 40 years was one of slow expansion of her borders. For the last 60 years Riverrun has been content with the relatively new found size of the kingdom.

Being of Demon blood Shaakati Still rules over Riverrun to this day; despite Sola having passed on some 35 years ago, after living long past the century barrier, a feat common amongst the Amazons.

Riverrun Itself now boasts the size of a small kingdom, her armies are the source of awe and fear for the surrounding kingdoms. And only the greatest soldiers of the army get the privilege to guard the central city itself.