Th-*burp*-this is a fan club o-o-of Rick and Morty!

This forum and guild i-*burp*-is restricted from 17 and more, s-s-since the show itself is an "adult rated show".

I am your Tiny Rick; however, I am the BOSS. I am from OB-5042, where Project Phoenix turned to be a success. I liked this form better, so I stuck with it. YEAH! TINY RICK!

I need

-6 Ricks for the Council over the Citadel of Ricks
-Mr. Meeseeks
-Bird Person (for those who haven't seen the end of Season 2 or premier of season 3, we'll keep him this way)

OC's are welcome! Just give me a detail of who they are, what they are, what dimension they're from, and so on! I'll m-*burp*-make a skeleton for OC's shortly.

Anything anyone wants to play or suggest to add to the list, I'm open to ideas!

*** UPDATE ***

We have:

Tiny Rick OB-5042
Head Rick of Citadel Council
Dofus Rick