Dear applicants,

Welcome to the Rich and Famous Guild! We are glad to see you are interested in goining our guild. There are a few requirements which need to be met before a new member can be accepted.

1) Each member must wear an outfit worth at LEAST $10,000. (This may incude hair and jewelry)

2) Each member must have decorated fish tanks, houses, and cars. (Value of thee items may very as long as it is visable that the member has modified these items past their original design)

3) Each member is expected to keep at least 3 fish in there fish tank

4) All members are expected to act in a certain menner. AKA all members are expected to treat others well. No swearing or bullying is expected from any members.

We Hope to see ALL applicants accepted! If you are not accepted please do not give up! If you are not accepted and would still like to goin the guild please recheck the requirements once more and try applying again once they are forfilled )

NOONE will be turned away if the meet all the requirments!