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Love me, Hate me, Beat me, Abuse me, just, please...Reject Me No More! A slave and Master RP. There is also a school which you can take you're salve to. As for all you slaves who refuse to put on a leash there's always a hide away!

Welcome to the guild. Here you may pick to be a master or mistress and slave or a pet. Any Race Any Gender Any Orientation! What ever suits you're fancy. As long as you follow the rules you'll fit right on in my dears. For all of you young masters a school is open. M & S Academy! Which by the way stands for Midnite & Shadow the two sisters who are the founders of said school. All grades k-12 are welcome. Three builds right next to each other stand tall. The one in the middle is for high school students, it is the largest of the three. Then on the right we have the middle school building and to the left elementary. The middle and elementary are the same size contributing to perfect symmetry.

-Read the rules
-At least three sentences per post
-Please be as literate as possible
- No sex and such take it to PM!

Where it all started...

Polar opposites they were…A long time ago in a small land named Rene Annes a region with no name referred to as NN a battle was breaking out. The leaders were none other than the twins Midnite and Shadow. Midnite and Shadow may have been connected since day of birth but never had they gave curtsies to one another. Each wielded a half of a necklace. Shadow wielded the Yin half showing off her bright happy ways, however Midnite held the yang half hiding with in a shadowy distorted darkness. Midnite took to the Northern and Eastern side of the region, as a demon she could not get along with her own blood sister and found it best to loom on over to the logical side. Shadow the religious one of the two set out to the Southern and Western section. The two misfits soon earned a reputation from the meetings held about how to interact with the other side.

Hate started to brew with in the lands bringing forth small town fights that grew into battles between the lands. Prospering to all out war between the logical and religious groups. The leaders were the twins which with war would more than likely end up having to face off. That may result in the blood shed of one of the two. The girls refrained from as much conflict with one another as possible but like two rivers leading to the ocean they eventually crossed paths. It was a dreadful battle in which hearts were broken, unknown bounds were stirred and new emotions raised. The angels cried that night as the sleek blade slashed through flesh of loved ones. Right when Midnite was going to plunge the sword deep with in the heart of her young warrior twin sister it began to rain. Slowly the blood that covered their face washed away. The two sides couldn’t help but hold fire among themselves, gawking at their fearless leaders. It was said that it had began to rain when Shadow started to cry…

They say the strong don’t cry but wise men say that strongest aren’t afraid to cry. Bizarre as it seemed when Midnite’s deep dark purple eyes met Shadow’s sapphire blue eyes they were looking into a mirror that reflected their past and future. Slowly the black haired demon put her half of her necklace next to the snowy white haired angels necklace. The two opposites fit the same. Then and only then was the sky illuminated with heavens lights. Realization struck the crowd that foggy night. When Midnite spared the life of the angel sent down to earth. Finally they understood, their differences made them stronger. They were the opposite yet the same. The wars slowly began to die out after enemies became friends but that was far form the end.

Together again the girls sought out a new. Making history by proving demons and angels could maintain a peaceful relation ship, but also making movements. Slavery was ended in the land of Rene Annes because of the collaborating of two unlikely friends. Light and Dark. The two sisters became heros of peace, and to many races after slavery was put out. Continuing on they helped the region in many ways—eventually the location was named M & S after the girls. Just when things began to run smoothly all hell broke lose. Not publicly but secretly…some people plotted against the idea of a slave free state. However Midnite and Shaodw were no fools and created a plan for worst case scenario and called it ‘The Underground Rail Roads’. One night when they were immigrating to anther state to discuss plans of action a bomb set off in their limo during the trip and set a blaze to the near by land. The two were reported missing and most assumed they were consumed by the flames yet no evidence was found…with girls gone a new leader stepped up and M & S states were drafted into slavery once more…

Thank you n7m6e7 for helping me with the story!!!

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