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The beginning of something new...

After almost a decade of being closed, the slave marketplace, Regnant, has reopened. The market was closed because of the inappropriate environment and use of modern technology. After ten years of renovation, Regnant has technology available for staff and slaves within the facilities. The facilities lie at the far edge of the metroplex, far enough for slaves to have difficulty to escape and close enough for masters to see the variety. Stretching for over five acres, the Regnant, has available escalators and escalator walkways. Computers as well are used to keep record and the security is at every corner, watching with dark eyes. The facilities have a wonderful cleaning staff and every slave is kept clean. The Regnant wishes to change the slave industry to a better, safer place. They believe just as most masters that the slaves are inferior, but while in their care, they tend to them as a shiny new toy. No master desires a dirty, iron chained slave wearing peasant clothes from the 20th century. In 2024, the Regnant has declared it self opened for business.

Hello, all who reads this!

I've been in quite a few guilds and noticed the poor treatment of slaves. What master would want that?(unless the RP calls for it) I've created a modern, futuristic RP market for you all to enjoy. As captain, I wish for your participation in the guild, not only in RPs. I'm hoping to make this guild lively, like most captains. In the guild, you have the opportunity to to make many different characters, like a slave, master, staff(nurse, chef, security), visitor, or savior. Please join and help the guild spring to life, it won't hurt much, I promise. I'm crossing my fingers.


Joining Requirements
2.)Activity online
3.)Favorite color
4.) Vote

Becoming Crew Member Requirements
Coming soon