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Rated F, (Rated Fandom) is a place for all Fandoms and their members, to roleplay, chat, advertise shops, share their fanart, and more. Whether you're gay, straight, lesbian, pan, or trans and etc, and you're into any fandom whatsoever, this is the place for you.

Here at Rated F, we take value in our members, and will try to work with your wants and needs to make an enjoyable hangout that suits to your liking. Now this does not mean we are willing to go against Gaia rules, so if you care to do anything against them, do it out of gaia!

This brings me to the point of smut roleplaying. I understand that roleplays between your otps and such are bound to become rated R very quickly, when it comes to fandom roleplays. If you care to further a roleplay, take it to the RATED R forum of the guild.

Other than that there are not many more rules. Just please be literate, to semi-literate. Only Two roleplays; three if I approve first. Be respectful to others. Wait for others to reply in the roleplays. Nothing against the Gaia rules, either. Pretty Simple.

We will open new forums and such as soon as it grows. For now the forums are open to start posting your roleplays, in the chat, or any other forum as long as you follow Gaia rules.

We want you! So hit the join button (✿ ♥‿♥)

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