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This guild is centered around Star Trek: The Next Generation and its mischievous anti-hero, Q.

We may have a focus, but we don't discriminate. Any and all Trek fans are welcome.

We offer you the chance to discuss Trek, share stories, rant and rave, hypothesize, roleplay, learn, and meet others with your interests.

Now, are you wise and powerful enough to join the ranks of the Q?

Send in a join request with the following information, and we'll do our best to grant you access; the Continuum can be quite fussy at times, but we have considerable sway--enough to bring in humans. And believe us, that takes some doing.

+ Age
+ Favorite Trek series
+ Favorite character(s)
+ Reason for joining


We're omnipotent. We need rules. You can't trust everyone to behave themselves, you know. Although Q would rather we had no rules, we've come to the decision that they would be best in this situation. After all, humans are around.

- Keep it PG-13 and in accordance with the TOS
- Use your best spelling and grammar
- No discrimination or harassment
- Rude remarks and insults will not be tolerated
- No advertising unless permission is given
- No spamming
- Don't give me a reason to add to this list

Your powers will be stripped and you will be cast out of the Continuum should you fail to comply with these rules.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a fantastic day.

* Images from TrekCore.