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Welcome to the Pokemon Universal League! ( PUL ). My name is Xx Azure Sea xX. I'm the captain of the guild. My dream in this guild is for you to be happy and have a great time here.

If you like to join The Pokemon Universal League, just put in a request and we'll read it as soon as possible.
Tip for joining: Rather than just sending a blank request, which will be not accepted, why not tell us a about yourself? Do you have any favorite Pokemon? How long have you been interest in the series? Just be you with a little more fun!

Rules of the guild:

Want to be a crew member?:

This is what you will find in the guild:

1.) Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Champion.

Do you have the guts to take on the challenge and beat every single one of our Gym Leaders as well as the Elite 4 members and Champion?

2.) Make you a better competitive player.

We will make you the very best that no one ever was. Don't be shy every one starts in some point. We will help you step by step.

3.) RolePlaying.

Create your own Pokemon adventure and have fun.

4.) WiFi battles, Trades and Breeding.

Battle with every one in the guild and have fun. If you need too complete your Pokedex/ looking for something then here is the right place for it.

5.) Tips, Help on the game and Updates.

You need too know how to beat a specific part or don't understand something, we can help you on that. We try very hard to make you updated in the Pokemon world.

6.) Contest/ Tournaments.

Do you like competing on stuff? We offer you great prizes.

We will try our best to keep all our members active and having fun at all times.