Since the founding of Team Rocket the world has been destroyed countless times and risen from the ashes, but each time the world was covered in greater darkness. The Organization, Team Rocket, has been pushed back further with each successive destruction, their grip on the world weakening. Although they have united and come back stronger, so far they have been unable to regain even a fraction of their former grasp; and now the greatest threat to the world and the Organization's rule yet has surfaced. The light...

...but is it true light, just and pure as it appears; or is it simply an illusion blanketing the world so that people don't notice the darkness creeping at its edges?

Driven back, pushed underground, and forced to work in secret, Team Rocket is far from out of the game. They're not prepared to give up the world just yet. Especially not to foes once defeated. This is where you come in. The next generation, stronger than the last, armed with techniques and technologies from those that came before....or at least you will be. In this world might makes right, and at least Team Rocket is known for taking care of it's possessions. Better the evil you know...but which class will you join?

Longinus Class - With muscles honed to perfection alongside Fighting-types, this class has pushed themselves beyond mere human limitations to obtain might equal to even Arceus!

Trickster Class - Having taken to strategy like their Water-types do to the ocean currents, these students could no doubt deceive even Arceus!

Aegis Class - With bodies and minds tougher than the Steel-types they carry, these Trainers are a bastion that could stand up to even the wrath of Arceus!

Just remember the path to victory is oft paved in blood; whether it's yours or theirs is up to you. Now step forth and take the test which will determine your place in the Organization, and seize your prize!

Though what path will be yours? Take the test below to determine which team best suits your ability.

Click on this to take the test, then PM it to Grey Moonfang IV,In the Garden of Monsters, or ShinyChibiSuicuneRiku if you wish to join this guild


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