Three times, the world has come to an end, and three times it has been reborn again. The world under the influence of Team Rocket had gotten darker, but in the end ...there was organization, stability, and a sort of reason to the madness. But, that has gone away, Team Rocket's grip on the world has been shaken ...and what has taken it's place is much worse.

A darkness now eclipses everything.

It is the shadows that now rule over the world, but defeated ...Team Rocket is not out. Hiding behind walls, slowly Team Rocket is trying to regain what it lost, and is training it's next generation to be able to stand against the shadows. And, this is where you come in with the world in shambles everyone wishes for the brighter days of their rule.

Considering it's the lesser of two evils you join, and take the test to determine which team you will join in the future.

The Strike team - A group that is all about offensive attack and power. The first into a situation, they give it their all in whatever they do.

The Tactics team - The group that is all about strategy and planning. The ones whom stay behind their own lines is on their shoulders that battles are won or lost.

The Guard team - The group that is all about defense and endurance. They are the second into the fight, and it's due to their support that a battle can be fought for long terms.

All three groups have their pros and cons, and in this war against the shadows ...every trainer counts.

Though what path will be yours? Take the test below to determine which team best suits your ability.
Click on this to take the test, and then Pm it to Lunarsun or Grey Moonfang IV if you wish to join this guild

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