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Welcome to the guild of Pockyism. Pockyism is the faith in the Almighty Pocky and its lesser gods and goddesses, which take shape in many sizes and flavors of Pocky. Pocky is renowned for its abilities to banish sadness and depression and to quench hunger and loneliness.

About Us

The guilds mission is to enlighten Gaian's to the presence of the Almighty Pocky, and it's mercies.

Anyone can become a Pockyist, which is a member of Pockyism, just by acknowledging the existence of the Almighty Pocky. A member does not have to even eat a single stick of Pocky in order to join. A Pockyist is allowed to have another belief system, as long as it is another peaceful religion, but he or she has to be faithful to both.

This guild is based on the Almighty Pocky, but we are off topic about 98% of the time. The things we discuss can range from anime to Japanese pop-culture to how peppermint Pocky would taste with peanut butter to world politics.


Guild Rules and Pointers
If you are thinking about joining this guild, you MUST read this first. Don't worry, it won't take you forever and fifteen minutes to read, nor will it make you fall asleep thinking about pink fluffy bunnies or flying pigs.

Guild News
This contains information on what is going on in the guild and what is planned for the future. Usually updated by SugarBeat_Angel or Kai Shi...

Current Contest
Every now and then the guild has a contest. The contests in the past have ranged from dressing your avatar up to writing a few sentences on a topic. The prizes usually value more than 4k.

Guild Banners and Other Goodies
Do you wish to support the guild? Then come here! We have many banners to choose from, and directions to make your banner linkable.

We also have links to sites that you can order pocky from!

Guild Advertisement
If you have a quest, mini-shop or a store you can advertise it here with a small fee.


Pockyism, just like every other religion, has holidays.

Pockyism Holidays:

April 16th - National Chocolate Pocky Observation Day.
May 1st - National Almond Cream Pocky Day.
July 18 - Mousse Pocky Day
October 13th - Celebration of the Lesser Known Flavors of Pocky.
November 15-17th - Annual Pocky Harvest Week.
December 24th - Honor the Almighty Pocky day.
January 5th - Celebration of the Popular Known Flavors of Pocky.

Pocky Holidays:

November 11th - Pocky Day (Celebrated in Korea)

Thanks to di_sama for the information! If you know of any other real Pocky holidays, please PM SugarBeat_Angel!

Members Who Have Left Gaia

Mort Mer De Noms:
Mort Mer De Noms played a role in the foundation of Pockyism. He and Koukon talked about how they should bring Pockyism to the people of Gaia, and gave his opinions while Koukon was making the guild in the forums.

Koukon _Tenshi:
Our illustrious founder, currently missing in action. Some say she has attained a state of perfect Pockyism and now exists on a higher plane, sampling new flavors of Pocky that we lesser beings may one day have the grace to sample. Others say she gone sucked into Final Fantasy XI and has yet to emerge.