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Hello & welcome to the Play Den! This is a guild intended for mature, older Gaians over 18 who are looking to relax & have a good time. Chat, participate in various role play scenarios or create your own, meet new friends & enjoy yourself. We're constantly expanding to provide a better experience to all of our members. Feel free to have a look around. If you're interested in joining, please be sure to review our rules & fill out the application below in your join request.

** Click here to view our guild rules. **

» Application «

«1» What is your Gaia username?
«2» Date of birth?
«3» True or false? According to the guild rules, a new contest is available every Thursday.
«4» Why would you like to join the Play Den?

Note: Failure to read our guild rules and fill out this application will result in your join request being rejected.