This guild is here so anybody who wants to rp, but either doesn't have a partner, or can't find a good rp partner can come and find new people to rp with, so please join!

#1. Please keep it PG. we might have other`s who don`t appreciate that and if you're going to do something bad in your RP please take it to PM or time skip
#2.This is my Guild, so what I say goes
#3.have fun
#4.Swearing is allowed, but if there`s going to be any godmoding please tell me first. nice to other people.
#6.don`t kill off someones character unless you okay with them.
Other that that I`m pretty cool, but I warn you now, if you break any of these rules I`ll give you 3 or 4 chances but then your gone!
{Guild donations are appreciated, but don't forget to also send donations to RPGElfen or Aerostine for some fun guild activities wink }