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This guild is going to be all about pikachus. You can battle each other for strength, and request to be certain positions, etc.

We are all leaders in some way, so I will be training myself as well, because I can't just automatically be the best of the best, plus it will be fun getting to train with all you pikachu fans!

Also, you must visit the How Training Works topic in the training zone subforum before training. All you have to do is follow the How Training Works topic in the Training Zones sub-forum http//

And also check out the Level Gaining sub-forum, the Pikachu Level topic in there http//

And please don't post in the Level Gaining sub-forum http//, or the Pikachu Records sub-forum http//, or their topics.

If you have any questions, just post them in the Questions sub-forum http// Thanx!

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Profile Contest Winner:

You can train, battle, or go on missions, you can test your strength, gain certain abilities., etc.
Also, please be sure to check out all of the sub-forums, almost nobody has even replied to any of them other than the Roleplaying one, and they are where most of the fun of this guild is at! Also, I know the whole Pika~Years thing is confusing, so a Pika~Year is half as long as a human year. I also need any suggestions to be Private Messaged to me right away, especially if they are good, and have even the slightest potential!
Follow ALL of GaiaOnline's T.O.S. in this guild, and have fun!