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Welcome to Pearl Valley! It's schools are just like any other Schools. With Mean Teachers who give too much Homework, Cute Jocks, and even cuter cheerleaders! Which ever you prefer. And don't get me started on the gross lunches *Gets nauseous at the thought of the Lunches*.

1. Follow Gaia's Terms Of Service (ToS). We have a zero-tolerance policy for ToS violations. 

2. Do not insult other users or flame them for a lack of knowledge. If you are not going to respect this rule, please reconsider your membership. 

3. Topics are to be posted in the appropriate subforums. Thank you. Repeat threads are unnecessary; please post a particular message or thread only once. 

4. Please send private messages (PMs) to guild Crewmembers to report inappropriate material (scams, ToS violations, flaming, etc.) within the guild. Please do not, however, PM guild crew asking for donations.
5. All begging threads will be deleted by guild crew without warning. 

6. Additional rules may be instated as deemed necessary. Serious or repeated infractions may result in a ban from the Pearl Valley High School Guild.
7. We would like to keep our guild a PG-13 type guild so limit the swearing to minimal or if not at all. We have some younger members and would like it to be fun for everyone and not uncomfortable.
8. Absolutely no bullying! If you are found to be doing this you will be put on a watch list by our crew. If you continue to do it then you will be banned. If a member is bullying or harassing another member let the Captain or Vice Captains know and we will deal with it.
9. No killing anyone's characters without asking. Yes, people fight in School.
10. No God-Modding. If you do this you will be put on a watch list. If you continue to do it you will be kicked out of the guild.


1. When you are fighting someone, you can not dodge every attack, it is unnatural. Even the best fights take hits.
2. Please try to give one Action and One Re-action per post in a fight.
3. Always act as your character would act when you are in Character. If your character would have reacted differently than you would have under similar conditions please act as the character. However, this is a guideline because if you do something extremely out of character, it could be for an in character reason. So long as you explain it if somebody questions you, you'll be fine.
4. Please try not to use hard to read colors for text when posting. It makes it hard to read. For example Can you read this?, What about this? No, I didn't think so. lol
6. When role-playing with other people (Which is hard to do without other people) please give them time to respond to your post. (Like if your Character talks to their Character) Please wait for them to respond. Don't just run off!

We would like everyone to enjoy our guild and have fun.

If you haven’t already made a character then check out our forum and look under how to make a profile to see how it’s done.

Some of the Guilds we are Affiliated with:
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All you need to register is to send a join request! There's a bar at the top that says "Join Guild" you press that and answer a couple questions.
~Why do you want to Join?
~How did you find us?

Copy and paste this in the join request.
~Why do you want to Join?
~How did you find us?