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Welcome to Oversoul!! User Image The first ever english dub free Shaman King guild!!
ALSO IN HERE is a subforum for Takei's other works, such as Butzu Zone, Buddah Zone, Juku Ningen Jon Boll, the Shaman King sidestories, etc.
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If you don't know much about the original Shaman King, this place will give you EVERYTHING you need to know heart

Oversoul is the most active Shaman King guild around!!! We may not have as many members as other ones, but if you take a look, there's about three times as many posts!

In fact, when you join, you're automatically qualified to win contests!!!! (which is why there's a 1g entry fee ^_^; )

The Guild has Many fun things to do!
Such as....
User ImageTONS of Shaman King related posts! (and I mean, to the point where a link list had to be made @__@)
User ImageContests!!
User ImageRatings and personality quizzes
User ImageA great source of information!
User Image Surveys So I know what YOU want 3nodding
User Imageand much more!

Please, don't avoid entering because it's not a public guild. Don't think that your application will be sitting there for days, waiting to be accepted. Because there's almost ALWAYS a mod on to accept your request to join!!!!

YOU WILL NOT get banned for not being active!! I dont beleive in that. But DO try to be ;D The guild would move much faster, and more fun heart

So stop on by to Oversoul, you won't be dissapointed!

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Please, keep an eye out for new stickies and announcements heart

Current friend guilds....
Shaman King Yaoi

Shaman King: Melody of the Spirits

Battle B-Daman Fan Guild

Shaman King Guild

Shaman Fight!

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Please!! If you'd like to donate to the guild for things like prizes and such for our contests, donate to the guild mule!!(we need it.)!:
Click to send a trade to Oversoul guild, the mule! But, if you want to donate to the guild to go toward guild subforums, please use the form below...