The guild is Temporarily Closed for Renovations. If your willing to wait, feel free to fill out the profile outline below. Once finished, send them to kenasai shall kill, and I'll check it and respond with feedback. The link below will take you to seperate guild with the rules.










[b][u]Bounty/Rank:[/u][/b] 0

[b][u]Home island:[/u][/b]



[b]Unused Stat Points:[/b] (you start out with 30 that you need to place)
[b]Unused Skill Points:[/b] 20

[b]Post Experience:[/b] 0

[b]Total Experience:[/b] 0
[b][u]Devil Fruit:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Beli:[/u][/b] 20,000

[b]Theme Songs:
[b][u]List of items:[/u][/b]

[b][u]List of Techs:[/u][/b]


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