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W e l c o me To One is All, All is One, the FMA Hangout Guild!

Do you like Fma? Do you really like Fma? Whether you're new to it or an obsessed fanatic, this guild is a place where you can hang out to talk about everything Fma, as well as enter contests(coming very soon!), roleplay, and ect.

Sounds good to you? Then what are you waiting for? Joining is as easy as clapping your hands together! *gets a brick thrown at her for corny Fma related pun* Okay, it's as easy as one-two-three. To join:

1. Click the button that says join guild
2. Type in something about you and Fma. Favorite character? Long time fan? Newbie? Just something so I know you're a Fma fan. ^_^
3. Send your request and wait for me or another mod to accept. ^_^

See? Told you it was easy!

So why wait?
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Edward Elric wants YOU to join!

So listen to Edo-kun and join today!

And to all of you who have listened to Edo-kun, thank you! I can't believe there are so many posts, even if a lot of them are from rps or something.

And also, if you filled out a join request but somehow didn't get in, PM me and I'll send you an invite...this happens from time to time and is very annoying. -_-

Thanks for reading, and I hope I get to see you around in the guild! (I'm still shocked it's not dead yet. O.O)
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